Which bit to remove gel or acrylic? Simple explanation [2021-2022]

Safely remove acrylic nails with a milling cutter:

Which bit to remove gel nail ideas


This article will explain what you should definitely pay attention to before choosing a suitable bit for yours Nagelfräser grab and remove the old nail modeling.

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You will also be shown which bits are best for removing gel. 

You should ask yourself this question first:

How far have you progressed with nail design? 

We recommend a kind of basic training in nail design for all beginners. 

This is absolutely essential, especially when dealing with milling cutters. Otherwise, bad injuries can result. 

An online course is particularly useful in times of Corona and should always be offered by an experienced person with at least 5 years of experience. 

We recommend Yvonne Nickels' online basic course in combination with the EasyPro + nail cutter: Click here for more information.

More and more nail cutter bits are available

The range of bits for nail burrs is growing every year.

Different types of attachments and bits are added to the already large range.

Beginners in particular are often confused by the sheer number of different types of router bits.

It is often the case that tried and tested bits usually offer the best performance and are also easy on the wallet. 

There are now many different materials, properties and shapes.

But what do nail salon professionals pay attention to when it comes to removing gel from nails?

In this article, our experts with many years of experience in the field of nail design will give you the most important aspects in a nutshell & explain what is important if you want to remove the old model. Be curious! 

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What is important with nail bit attachments?

In general, regardless of the area of ​​application of the bit, you should pay attention to the various properties that make a good bit. This is particularly important, as poor quality can often lead to unpleasant surprises.

In general, the following applies to bits and attachments for nail burs:


If you buy cheap, you buy twice. - John Ruskin


Large sets with 10 bits for less than € 10 are often very short-lived and not exactly effective. Of course, that doesn't mean that you have to buy the most expensive sets either. A multi-bit set like this is perfectly adequate for professionals and beginners alike.

The poor cutting ability of inferior sets is often very tedious and leaves the customer with an uncomfortable feeling or even unnecessary heat development, which often makes the work on the nail unbearable and can have a strong influence on the quality of the result.

good cutting ability is just one important aspect of good bits that good essays should bring with them.  

Among other things, those are also important load-bearing capacity. Bits should always be ready for use, especially for users who need the device for several sessions a day, and withstand a certain degree of resilience.


Carbide nail cutter attachment
Extra: Our 4 in 1 bit - This nail cutter attachment fulfills 4 different functions.

Bits should also go through a solid heat dissipation can convince.

Last but not least is the longevity an important constant that you should pay attention to when buying bits. What use are all the aforementioned aspects to you if the bits are completely unusable after two uses?

The various properties mentioned in connection with material, shape and functionality result in a bit that you can definitely rely on and with which you can fully live out your creativity. Not to be forgotten is of course a suitable milling cutter, which can give life to the bit in the first place.  


Jcmaster JSDA Bits nail cutter


Our nail designers prefer to use Ceramic or hard metal bits, with a cylindrical shape to remove gel or acrylic from nails. 

Both variants (hard metal / ceramic) are ideally suited to remove gel modeling. But there are two points in which the two variants are very different. 

In addition, as already mentioned above, we have developed a 4 in 1 bit, which is suitable for various applications such as cuticle removal. You can find it here: 


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Carbide bits

Carbide bits you use for applications on artificial nails. Bits & attachments made of carbide let you do a quick and effective job. They are available in different hardnesses and should fit perfectly on all commercially available nail burs. 

Carbide bits are made from durable materials and are therefore very suitable for professional nail designers, but should never be used on natural nails. In order to remove modelage quickly and effectively, we recommend one Cylindrical carbide bit. 


Tungsten carbide attachments are suitable for all common work on gel and artificial nails. You can also use hard metal bits to file the tip transition, file extension gels thinner and shorten or shape the nails.

Carbide attachments are characterized by their extremely low heat generation. They shine with a very high removal rate, so that you can quickly remove the old model. In addition, carbide bits are very wear-free and they also impress with their particularly high load capacity.

Ideal for long-term use. 

Ceramic bits

High quality ceramic bits like this one have an extremely good stock removal and cutting ability with an enormous longevity. They ensure a particularly smooth run when working with a good nail burr and there is little or no heat, even after several consecutive sessions. Ceramic attachments are generally excellent for medical foot and nail care, especially for diabetics and allergy sufferers. You can also remove nail fungus, calluses and corns (clavus) with these bits. Good bits are suitable for all common nail design devices. 


Zudem they are suitable for working on very hard, thickened nails and effectively removing keratinized areas on feet or hands.

Areas of application for ceramic attachments are the removal of gel and acrylic, as well as cosmetic foot care. We recommend these ceramic bits for efficient removal of gel modeling.


nail burs buy bits attachments bit ceramic carbide longlife jolifin tritor

Thanks to the high-performance ceramic coating, the attachments are very durable and therefore ideally suited for frequent use on gel nails. Due to the very hard material, you can use this bit to remove old gel or acrylic modeling particularly quickly and efficiently and quickly continue with the next work process on the nail. 

A row of our bits are tested in this video: 


youtube video nail cutter amazon test ceramic test winner which carbide tritor jolifin jcmaster jsda 


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