What bit for what? Nail cutter attachments Declaration [2021 - 2022]

We explain to you what is important with the different attachments of nail burrs & what you should definitely know. 

You have a new nail cutter finally in your hands? Or you're looking for another one, but you don't even know which essays you need for the perfect nail modeling or how you should use the attachments at all? And anyway: which cutter attachment do you need for gel nails? 💅🏻


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This article will give you a fitting answer.  


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Like any other artistic craft, nail design and working with nail burrs offer a range of different tools that can be used for very individual end results.

In addition to the nail cutter, the right bits in particular are decisive here. But many beginners ask themselves "which bit for what?".

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Such and similar questions keep coming up to us Facebook, Instagram or by email, which bit can best be used for what; or you will generally be asked for an explanation or instructions for nail cutter attachments for the various areas of application.


Our team of experts has therefore decided to create a short overview, which clears most of the open Nagelbit questions from the world and is also intended to represent a small guide for all budding nail lovers.

We recommend you bookmark this pageso that you can always refer back to the details if necessary and do not run the risk of forgetting what is important with milling bits.

Milling attachments - a general explanation

Once you have one for your requirements suitable nail cutter you have to think about the basic set of nail bits you need for your device.

The right nail cutter includes various bits and cutter attachments, which are essential for successful work. There are different attachments for all areas of application, which, for example, remove the old nail model or polish the nail.  

Bits for electric nail burs are made from a wide variety of materials such as hard metal, stone, ceramic, diamond or titanium.

Up to your desired end result, the modeling of nails is divided into different work steps. As a rule, a completely different bit is required for work step A than for work step B.

But what exactly does it look like when modeling nails? 🤓

Most bits often differ in shape or even in the material used. Depending on the person who is allowed to enjoy a nail modeling, people with sensitive hands generally need to use bits that do not act too aggressively on the nails. We recommend tried and tested ones for such groups of people Ceramic bits like this one.  

For example, if you want to remove the old model from a customer or on yourself, then milling bits with a thicker, cylindrical or conical Head with a coarse grain like this one.

For precise work in difficult areas, you should use an attachment with a small head. Our customers like to use for this this almost sold out bit.

The last step, the so-called finish, is then often completed with a bit made of felt. The purpose of this attachment is to polish and “finish” the nail, ie to give it the final look and to finish the modeling. This set of ceramic bits is included with a polishing bit / brush bit. 

Diamond and metal attachments / bits for nail burs

Attachments for nail burs made of diamond or metal are available in a wide variety of grains and a variety of different shapes such as

  • Cylinder,
  • Wheel,
  • Roller,
  • Onion,
  • Cone,
  • Pear,
  • Bud,
  • Bullet,
  • Disc and
  • Pointed cone,

...and many more. The different shapes of the bits are also offered in different sizes and designs. The majority this nail cutter several free diamond bits are included.

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Milling bits made of diamond



Bits made from diamond are best for working on natural nails. For example, you can remove excess or unwanted cornea with these bits. Caution is required in any case, as particularly high-quality bits work very effectively and quickly.

In addition, diamond bits are also suitable for roughening and processing the natural nail before the nail modeling. Free diamond bit sets are included with these nail burs

Typical applications for milling cutters are made of diamond

  • Working on the natural nail
  • Editing of the cornea
  • Roughening or preparation for nail modeling


Nail cutter bits made of carbide

Carbide bits nail cutter

In addition to ceramic bits, attachments made of hard metal are particularly popular. Such attachments should only be used on artificial nails, as natural nails could be seriously injured. Only particularly experienced nail designers are allowed to carry out minor work on natural nails with hard metal bits.

Typical applications for milling cutters are made of metal

  • Filing or thinning the undersides of the nails
  • filing thinner areas on the nail that have become too thick
  • filing the tip transition &
  • trimming the nails

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 Disinfection of the nail cutter attachments & bits

Disinfecting or killing germs and removing dirt that has collected on the bits is particularly important. A drilling bath is particularly suitable for this, as it not only kills the germs, but also loosens the dirt on the bits.

The only exception to such a cleaning process are abrasive sleeves. These are usually offered in larger quantities, but only used once or twice with good hygiene standards, depending on the number of customers. A Set like this one includes 100x sleeves.

Stone and sandpaper grinder

JSDA abrasive caps nail cutter

Stone or sandpaper grinders like these are needed for both natural and artificial nails. They thin out nails or grind nails nice and smooth.



Mandrels are required for the use of such grinding belts, as the grinding sleeves are slipped onto them; in contrast to the sleeves, the mandrel can of course be reused. This set, for example, includes a mandrel and matching sanding sleeves in a 150 grit. Abrasive belts are generally available in different strengths, which are expressed in numbers or can simply be classified in the following categories:

  • fine,
  • medium and
  • rough.

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 There are a large number of bits and attachments for nail burs, which are essential for various work steps. Just as the bits are different, so are the users. For this reason, our nail experts recommend that everyone should discover individual bits for themselves, which one can best be used. It is therefore always advisable to purchase sets that already include a starter set of bits. Nail cutters for beginners as well as professionals, which starter sets are included you can find here.

youtube video nail cutter amazon test ceramic test winner which carbide tritor jolifin jcmaster jsda

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