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Buy a nail cutter? Find out now what the nail design professionals advise:

A Nagelfräser More and more people want to buy.

Unfortunately, it is often the case that it is not really clear what is important when buying a nail cutter. 

The disappointment is then often very great: the device has too little power, is not attractive or - as is so often the case - the device was bought very cheaply and leaves a lot to be desired after a few days; true to the motto "If you buy cheap, you buy twice!"

For this reason, many customers come to us and ask for advice on buying from our nail design team, which we are always happy to give! 

This article briefly summarizes the most important aspects of our more than 420+ consultations and is intended to help you make a decision.

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1. Cost - How much do I have to spend?

The price of an electric nail file ranges from just € 15 to € 900 +. This wide price range often raises the question: What is the major difference?

The very expensive devices are usually equipped with a variety of extra equipment.

But many of these extra functions are only really relevant for hardcore users, i.e. nail salons with several hundred customers.

And what about cheaper devices?

Very cheap devices however, are often endowed with only the absolutely essential properties. Important properties, such as speed setting, are often not available at all.

The disappointment is then often great because the performance is simply too low.

 We recommend:

We therefore recommend the for beginners JSDA 6MW. This milling cutter offers sufficient performance and covers essential functions that are important for nail modeling.

However, if you need a device for regular use or for studio use, we can recommend a price range of 59 € -199 € as a guide.

The published in 2020 EasyPro + for € 89,99 is enjoying increasing popularity: 

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EXTRA: Nail cutter in action [VIDEO]

See the EasyPro + nail cutter in action here: 

Are you into classics? Then this device just right for you:

 The JSDA JD400 is a real classic in the nail industry.

With a purchase price of € 79,99, the device provides reliable results for private and professional use. However, be sure to purchase a device from a verified dealer.

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2. For which applications would you like to use the nail cutter?

Would you like to use the cutter for natural nails, acrylic and gel nails or even both? Your nails should absolutely influence the purchase decision!

Nail cutters are often supplied with standard bits, the name given to the attachments that give life to the nail cutter.

These are often intended for different areas of application and range from rough removal to polishing of nails. Sanding sleeves, for example, also remove calluses.

In addition to the amateur bits, you should urgently consider purchasing durable premium bits like these: Click here


Nail burs with very high speeds are predestined for artificial nails, but also for working on stubborn areas such as calluses.

Cutters, which are located in the lower area, are also suitable for artificial nails, but a speed setting is often hardly possible. That makes precise work difficult. The aforementioned 6MW also has a speed setting.

Plagiarism or original?

Recently, there has apparently been more and more plagiarism of JSDA & JCMaster Beauty cutters in circulation.

Many customers report devices with fatal consequences.

We would like to make it very clear that you should stay away from such devices in any case!

 In general, prices for a new JSDA JD500 for less than 50 € are very questionable.

Mustbuy GmbH from Hamburg & always offer originals. 

In addition, you are covered because you receive the necessary customer service and guarantee from us.

Those who are very interested can write to us by email, we hold the patents for these milling cutters. :-)


Power, revolutions or RPMs

Revolutions per minute (RPMs), i.e. the number of revolutions, is a decisive factor that you should consider when buying a nail cutter.

Good router bits should AT LEAST 20000 RPMs. This number of revolutions is sufficient for natural nails.

Everything above is ideal for use on artificial nails.

Accessories or attachments

Milling cutters should always have a few bits included.

The quality is often only suitable for getting a feel for the device. 

Every router bit should be supplemented with good bits. These often last a very long time and are suitable for various areas of application, depending on the shape and grain size.

We recommend THESE essays


EXTRA: Get the opinion of professionals is home to numerous videos from nail designers and real professionals in the field. 

In the following we have put together a few videos which take a close look at milling cutters: 



 Nail design - you really need these attachments and bits

The right accessories for nail salons and nail designers are essential for customer satisfaction and your own reputation. 

Customers only come back if they like the results and the designer really enjoys it with the right accessories. 

As a Shop for nail salon We have created this article for accessories, which specialize in nail burs and attachments, in order to put together what we have found to be the most important articles for nail studios.


nail studio accessories nail cutter bit attachment

In addition to the furnishings, it is essential to have the right accessories for the nail modeling itself. 

So this article will mainly focus on nail burs and attachments. (Tip: You can buy items from us on account or in installments)

Nail cutter - the heart of the nail salon

The right bit is essential for correct work in the field of nail design. 

In addition to talent and long experience, the right milling cutter is crucial for "wow" results.


After 2 years of development and in close cooperation, we have developed the JCMaster EasyPro + Premium nail cutter with 30000 rpm. 

This milling cutter combines a handsome design with functionality for the designer on the one hand, and a pleasant feeling for the customer on the other. 

The nail cutter is also for beginners AND Suitable for advanced students.

This is a decisive difference to other milling cutters, which is either always only for beginners or Advanced are suitable. 

As soon as you have reached a certain level, for example if you want to model more precise designs, you usually have to buy a more professional device instead of the previously used beginner device. 

The customer then has to buy twice and also get used to the new device. 

Due to various fake articles from our brands JCMaster Beauty and JSDA, this device is provided with a serial number, which you can register on our website for authenticity verification. 

This is an important aspect for the right accessories, because who wants to work on people's nails with inauthentic devices? 

.... the consequences could be fatal: 🔥🚨 🔥 ... + injuries .....

If you are interested in nail burrs, click here for more information.

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In addition to nail burs, the right attachments and bits are among the most important accessories for nail studios.

You should pay attention to, among other things, longevity, the ratings of others, the materials used and the areas of application.

Carbide attachments for nail burs are, for example, ideal all-rounders for various areas of application in nail studios; some people report a larger, unpleasant heat build-up.

JCMaster Beauty Bits are designed in such a way that the heat build-up during use is reduced to a minimum.

The 4 in 1 premium carbide bit from JCMaster Beauty also fulfills 4 areas of application in one bit - nail studios can save valuable time when working on nails and achieve more precise results, because as a designer you stay more in the so-called "flow", ie you don't have to constantly change bits for the nail cutter.



If you or customers in your nail salon are sensitive to carbide, we recommend ceramic attachments for burrs or grinding sleeves as accessories for the nail burr.

Ceramic attachments are also ideal for people with certain intolerances that can occur with hard metal. Even the highest quality accessories cannot counteract this.


Abrasive sleeves as accessories for nail studios


Abrasive sleeves usually wear out very quickly. From our own experience, we sometimes even received abrasive sleeves from some suppliers.

For this reason, we have developed extra robust sanding sleeves that last about twice as long as conventional sanding sleeves.



Many customers ask us during consultations whether they should buy the nail burrs directly as a set or the electric nail file, bits, abrasive sleeves and attachments separately. In addition, there is often the question of whether the accessories from different suppliers are compatible with all milling brands and which nail cutter sets are generally available.

This article clarifies which nail cutter sets you can buy and whether all bits, attachments and grinding sleeves are compatible with all cutters.


 We generally recommend buying nail burrs directly in a set with suitable bits. On the one hand, you save cash here, and on the other hand, all attachments are guaranteed to fit.

Complete sets can be found here, for example:

  Buy milling cutters for nails in a set & save

Nail cutter set no.1

Complete set JSDA professional JD400 studio milling cutter + 6x premium ceramic bits + 4 diamond bits + 100 JCMaster grinding sleeves

This set consists of 6x ceramic bits from JCMaster Beauty, 4 diamond standard bits and 100 JCMaster Beauty abrasive sleeves. The heart of the set is the renowned JSDA JD 400 nail cutter. 


This complete nail cutter set is suitable for all areas of application in nail design and performs very well in combination with the bits and abrasive sleeves, which are also compatible with other cutters - perfect for existing nail studios that already have various electric nail files in their range.

In addition to working on artificial nails, this milling cutter is also used on natural nails and calluses. 


More information about the device can be found here:


Nail cutter set no.2

Sets don't always have to include a nail burr. Often our customers only ask us about bits or attachment sets for electric nail files. JCMaster Beauty attachments and abrasive sleeves  fit on all nail cutter brands, as standard dimensions. 


Depending on the requirements of what a bit should do, you can choose from a large number of bits, all of which fulfill different areas of application such as the rough removal of gel or working on difficult areas such as the cuticle.


You can find more sets here:




With a little information and the knowledge of what to look for when buying a nail cutter, the decision is no longer that difficult. 


We are happy to refer you to this link, with tested milling cutters directly from Hamburg, suitable accessories and reviews from buyers:


For further questions about milling cutters, you can simply click on the WhatsApp icon and contact our trained staff via WhatsApp in the live chat.

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