Nail cutter test 2021 - Top 11 comparison & a tip that 90% of all advisors forget

Are you looking for the optimal nail cutter?
In this article, our nail design experts give you an overview of the current top 11 manicure & pedicure cutters for beginners and professionals.
After reading this article, you will know more than 90% of all people about nail burs. 
Most other advisors forget that: At the end of the article you will find  an important tip, which 90% of most advisors forget! 

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Good to know: Various models are available online for less than 30 €. As a rule, the following applies here: "If you buy this cheaply, you will probably buy twice". Unfortunately, such devices often do not last long and the performance is lower.
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Author: Lydia Faust


Test result * Name

 1st place (high-performance model)


Directly from the manufacturer: Click here to check price

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2nd place (the classic)


Directly from the manufacturer: Click here to check price

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3rd place (tip) 

EasyPro + 

Directly from the manufacturer: Click here to check price

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 Place 4

(Touch function)


TouchPro +

Directly from the manufacturer: Click here to check price

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5th place (Popular)


Directly from the manufacturer: Click here to check price 

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6th place (the cheap one)


Directly from the manufacturer:

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Place 7


Directly from the manufacturer:
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Place 8 Easy Pro + Set with Extra Premium Ceramic Bits

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Place 9 Touch Pro + Set with Extra Premium 4 in 1 HM Bit

Watch it now at
Place 10 JSDA 6MW set 
with Extra Premium HM Bit and 1x Fegerbit

Watch it now at
Place 11

JSDA JD400 Set with Extra Premium HM Bit and 1x Feger Bit


Watch it now at


*The test result is based on more than 1200+ reviews from our customers, which we have summarized and categorized in this article from the web.


Table of contents of the advisor

.... ⚠️ Warning: Before you read any further:

We recommend all readers to watch the following YouTube video first.

The video demonstrates the general functions that a high-quality nail burr should have.

In this video the EasyPro + nail cutter .




Top 3 nail burs with suction

Working on the nail brings a lot of nail dust with it.

Anyone who works a lot with an e-file should definitely invest in a dust extraction system.

There are now various nail milling cutter offers with integrated suction.

In addition to the milling cutter, we recommend investing in a separate dust extraction unit, so that in the event of a defect, the unit does not have to be exchanged as a whole, as would be the case with a nail milling cutter with integrated dust extraction. 

 Nail cutter in combination with dust extraction Advantages


Easy Pro + nail bit -
View on amazon 

in combination with 

this dust extraction -
View on amazon

The EasyPro nail cutter is optimally combined with the dust extraction from DoLike, which does not require any dust bags and also has two suction strengths.

The Touch Pro + nail cutter - 
View on amazon

in combination with 

this dust extraction - 
View on amazon

The milling cutter equipped with touch is ideally complemented with the suction system from the Sina brand, which comes with washable dust bags.
The JSDA JD400 nail cutter -
View on amazon

in combination with 

this dust collector -
View on amazon
The renowned JSDA JD400 is also nicely complemented by the SEAAN device known as the "dust collector".


Nail cutter for gel nails with battery


The alternative to standard table-top nail milling cutters are battery-powered nail milling cutters. 
These devices can be charged and are usually less powerful than conventional tabletop devices.

We consider the following 3 alternatives to be a sensible choice if you prefer a device with a battery.

The order is not arranged chronologically. We have oriented ourselves towards features that a decent device should have.

 Nail cutter with battery

# 1 Delaine electric nail file with battery

View on amazon

# 2 gray nail bit with battery 

View on amazon

# 3 Beurer battery nail care products

View on amazon

Basic knowledge of electric nail burs


The following section covers basic questions related to electric burrs for gel and acrylic nails.

What should be considered when buying?

Especially in the nail industry, beginners often do not know which devices to buy.

Sometimes even counterfeit devices or devices not authorized by the manufacturer are offered if you get your milling cutter from dubious sources.

We recommend: It's best to invest a little more directly in your new device. 

With a little practice and the right orientation, you can learn the basics very quickly. 

Devices from 50 € Machines that are below that often offer much better functions.


Definition: What exactly are "nail burs"?

Nail cutters or electric nail files are electrical devices that are used on natural or artificial nails and make pedicures, manicures and also corneal processing considerably easier.

 Of course you can also use it on the nail or the cornea use manual files, but the difference with cutters is similar to driving to a remote location:

You can use a car or a bicycle for the journey. 

In the figurative sense, the milling cutter in this example is the car and the manual nail file is the bicycle. 

Both are possible, but the time difference is considerable.

The result is achieved faster with the electric milling machine; and when used correctly, it is also much more attractive. 

Nail cutters are an essential tool for every nail designer.

 Just as there are different makes of cars, which differ in performance and area of ​​application, there are very different nail cutters. You should definitely know the difference.



How do nail burs differ?

 Depending on the performance and type of device (cordless milling cutter, premium nail milling cutter, etc.), nail milling cutters are suitable for various areas of application.

Inexpensive devices often come up with a low speed and limited functions that limit the areas of application.

Often, for example, it is unfortunately impossible to work on the cornea, or you need considerably more time for the various work steps on the nails.

This is due to the low power.

An uncomfortable feeling can arise, which in the worst case can make the processing of the nails unbearable. 


For this reason, many professionals, such as nail designers in this field, advise buying a milling cutter that has enough power and power so that calluses, artificial nails and natural nails can be worked on effortlessly.

The speed of rotation must be necessarily be variable & infinitely adjustable, as you should not work with a high speed of rotation on the natural nail!










 Who should get a milling cutter?

Nail cutters are essential for nail designers.

However, there are now more and more private individuals who make their own gel nails and, for example Instagram, Facebook or forums to share the results.

In addition, the benefits of professional burs often go beyond the use on artificial nails. 

Manicure and pedicure sets are useful for you if you:

- Want to save time & money on manicures and pedicures
- are creative and are enthusiastic about nail art
- want to work as a nail designer
- Efficient cornea with matching essays like this one want to remove


Can anyone use a nail cutter?

In principle, anyone can use nail burrs. In any case, the top priority is: be careful when using it.

Practice is invaluable in the use of electric nail files for good results.

However, this is mainly limited to the main area of ​​application (nail modeling) of milling cutters.

Little to no practice is required to remove the cornea. 

For example, many beginners use fake fingers to learn the basics for successful gel nails. As a rule, you can conjure up beautiful results on real fingers within a very short time.

It is important here:

1. Careful work

2. creativity

3. Willingness to learn

In the long term, however, it is worthwhile to learn and deepen the art of nail modeling, since you can, for example, become self-employed.

However, in order to become independent with nail design and offer your services to others, it is worth attending professional training. 

There are already a variety of offers on the Internet for various training courses in the field of nail design. Anyone who would like to get involved professionally in this area will be able to effectively deepen their knowledge of nail design through training and get to know the following areas better: 

  • Use of various bits, attachments and other accessories for nail burs

nail cutter bit attachment hard metal

  • Remove gel from nails correctly and gently
  • Functions, types and structure of electric nail files
  • Hygiene, care & disinfection regulations for equipment (bits, attachments & milling cutters) in nail salons
  • individual tips from professionals with long-term experience


Which performance aspects do I have to pay attention to?

Once upon a time, high wattage meant high power in electrical devices such as electrical nail files.

Today, however, consumers tend to want the low wattage; sometimes also because the higher the wattage, the higher the electricity costs.

A very noteworthy aspect, especially if the milling machine is to work continuously!

So the wattage is not an indicator of high performance. 

We recommend: Pay attention to the number of revolutions (rpm).

Where can you buy nail burs?

Original devices from the classic JSDA can be found at amazon from the provider Mustbuy GmbH and directly on Kaufen.

Conveniently on account, installments, PayPal or the like :-)

Some customers have asked us whether our nail bit sets or the accessories (which are compatible with all nail bit brands) can also be purchased in drugstores such as Rossmann or DM. 

Unfortunately, this is not the case at the moment. 

What should you watch out for with nail burs?

  1. What is included with the cutter: The right handpiece should be enclosed with every milling cutter and bits or attachments such as grinding caps are usually included in the scope of delivery. 
  2.  Is the device real?: Some customers have reported that they have purchased devices that are similar or identical to those in our shop, but that there are clear differences in performance. In any case, you will only find originals in our shop.
  3. Application areas: Electric nail files should be able to work on all areas, i.e. artificial nails, natural nails and calluses.
  4. Power: Natural nails can be processed with devices that only have a low number of revolutions. For the processing of gel nails or artificial nails & calluses in general, the nail burr must be able to demonstrate considerably more performance. Cordless devices, for example, almost always have less power than mains-operated devices. For this reason, it makes more sense in most cases to purchase mains-operated devices so that the user has several areas of application open to them if the worst comes to the worst.
  5. features: For advanced users it is an advantage if the device can show a clockwise and counterclockwise rotation. In addition, it is advantageous for various applications, such as working on cuticles, if the device can be continuously adapted to the work process.

Where can I get free advice? 

Our team specializes in nail cutters, bits and everything else that goes with them. 

You are welcome to contact us via email or by clicking on the Whatsapp icon and ask us all your questions about nail burs and nail design. Email: 

In what price range do the nail cutter products move?

 Depending on the performance of the respective nail cutter or electric nail file, the price can vary greatly.

 Beginners who only want to do small work on their nails are familiar with the 6MW for currently under 50 € well supplied, as this device has considerably more power than a cordless milling cutter and even offers the opportunity to create professional nail designs.

 Advanced users who would like to design gel nails or artificial nails in general are, for example, good with the very popular classic among milling cutters, the JD400 from JCMaster / JSDA, very good advice.

As mentioned above, nail burrs are absolutely essential for every nail designer.

In general, however, a milling cutter is also a very good investment for every private person, as you can quickly save several hundred euros a year if you do your nails yourself.

You also learn a creative ability that not everyone has.

Are there instructions for nail burs? Training? 

Yes! There are now a large number of training courses that can be attended. Pretty much in every big city, such as Hamburg, Munich, Vienna or Frankfurt.

There are also many online videos on YouTube. We recommend, for example, Verena Korf and all of her videos on YouTube. 

Surprise for you: Free cutter e-book for in between

For a short time we offer our e-book "Essential nail cutter basics"for free download.

Just click on the picture. A 100% discount code will be added in the order history ☺️

Important: You will see the current purchase price. The 100% discount is automatically added in the normal ordering process! € 0 will be charged.

nail cutter ebook bits attachments

... and continue with the article ...

Our 7 best nail burs in comparison

The following cutters have had the most positive reviews from nail designers in the US & Europe, our customers, and professional testers. 

In addition, the following grinding devices are suitable for all areas of application mentioned and have always proven themselves for efficient manicures and pedicures.

nail burs buy bits attachments bit ceramic carbide longlife jolifin tritor Klarna invoice rates


7th place: The JSDA JD200 

Description of the device: The purple JD200 is a rather unknown model from the JSDA nail cutter series. 

With a whopping 30.000 revolutions per minute, the milling cutter is suitable for a large number of areas of application, such as thicker calluses - the right bit is of course required.

The number of revolutions can also be continuously adjusted. This makes working on the nail easier.

The set also includes 4 standard diamond bits, which fit perfectly into the twist lock handpiece. 

The decisive advantage of the Twist-Lock handpiece is its safety and the fact that the bits can be changed quickly. The attachments are absolutely secure and you can use all bits, even non-branded ones.

Reviews on the net: Customers praise that the device runs smoothly and that it is particularly suitable for foot care. Some customers report that the device gets slightly hot after continuous use.

Place 6: JSDA 6MW nail bit set by JCMaster  

Description of the device: This cutter is ideal for beginners who are just starting out with DIY nail design.

The main difference to more expensive devices is the reduced rotation speed and it is a fact that professionals tend to use devices with higher performance, as the desired result can then be achieved insignificantly faster and milling cutters in those cases run almost the whole day and perform well have to.

For "normal users" this device is an excellent choice, as price meets performance and you can try out the bits it contains very well.

Test winner nail cutter JSDA JCMaster cheap guide 2018 cutter 

This nail burr can also be used in conjunction with the appropriate to remove calluses such as those that arise from weight training / fitness on the palm of the hand Sanding sleeves  Remedy and counteracts the keratinization of the skin.

The device works with the handpiece with extremely low noise and vibration, which prevents unpleasant pain from prolonged use and allows you to work precisely even in longer sessions without slipping. 

In addition, the speed (0-25000 rpm) can be adapted very precisely and continuously to the individual work process. This is particularly important because, for example, with particularly complex nail designs, the speed of the various work steps can often vary in order to achieve optimal results. You can also work on natural nails at the lower speed. 

Reviews on the net: 

"I'm definitely not an expert yet - I should say that in advance.
I recently thought to myself that I should strengthen my thin nails in the nail salon. But these prices and my eternal perfectionism (just no outgrown nails!) Gave me the idea to just try it myself.
So I ordered a gel kit as well as an acrylic kit and various brushes and files.
However, filing is so annoying and tedious that I looked for an alternative. That's why I ordered this nail grinder (is that what you call it !?) and a sanding cap holder with sandpaper rolls. " 5/5 star rating 
"Finally no more long filing by hand. It is easy to use and also to change the attachments. Also great that the direction of rotation can be changed so easily, so you don’t get too full of dust, and the cuticle thanks you too. For the price the performance is really great. Only a few spare rolls could have been included ;-) but you can order them relatively cheaply. " 5/5 star rating 
"As expected according to the description. Very quiet and easy to regulate. The changing of the heads could perhaps have been made a little more skilful, therefore an asterisk less from me. But just a matter of getting used to. The delivery was very fast, everything else was fine so that I would be happy to recommend the product and the seller " 4/5 star rating 
"I waited a very long time to give my review, so I needed a long time to test the device, and I urgently needed a replacement device for my large foot care device that kept overheating. That's how I came up with this small but fine device. It lies very quietly in the hand, is light and easy to use. As I said, I have it as a replacement device, but my customers often prefer to be treated with this device because it is very quiet. I would buy it again. I am very pleased" 5/5 star rating
"Due to its high performance, the device is not only an ideal aid for private users, but can also be used for professional use in the nail salon." -Electric nail file test, test report JSDA 6MW nail cutter

5th place: JSDA JD500

Description of the device: The JSDA JD500 is available in white and pink. 

Many customers find the foot pedal practical, with which one can operate the milling cutter, but it does not necessarily have to be done. 

The handpiece can ideally be placed on the holder of the handpiece. So you can quickly take small breaks. 

The handpiece also offers the twist lock function, which can hold all common milling bits with standard dimensions. Of course, also non-brand bits and attachments in general. 

The milling cutter offers right and left rotation at a powerful 30000 revolutions per minute and has 35 W.

Reviews on the net: 

The reviews are mostly positive, some customers do not like the holder for the handpiece, which can look slightly "dirty" due to the slight yellow tint.


4th place: TouchPro +

Description of the device: The TouchPro + is the newest device from JCMaster Beauty. 

The E-File has a whopping 35000 revolutions, which can be continuously adjusted. 

Reviews on the net:  Users of the TouchPro + particularly praise the innovative touch function of the attractive milling cutter. 

In general, the user-friendliness through the touch function is often emphasized.

3rd place: EasyPro +

Description of the device: The EasyPro + is often praised for its beautiful design on first impressions. 

The modern device shines with 30.000 revolutions and was sold out within a few weeks during the initial Corona period. 

This is probably not least due to the large number of useful functions. 

These include right and left rotation and the seamlessly adjustable speed. 

In this way, the speed can be regulated so that the device can also be used on natural nails. 

Reviews on the net: The EasyPro + can shine with almost 1000 reviews on amazon, most of which are very good


Place 2:  JSDA JD400 by JCMaster nail cutter 


➤Link to the nail cutter (free shipping):


Description of the device:


This JSDA JD400 nail bit is suitable for private and professional use and also transportable or mobile due to its weight. 

With 0-30000 rpm, this device is one of the higher quality milling cutters, which is suitable for all of the above-mentioned areas of application. The speed can be regulated precisely and continuously via the control unit. Regardless of the selected speed, the nail cutter runs smoothly and is almost noiseless. 

Suitable for all areas of nail design, such as: grinding, polishing, callous removal, gel, acrylic removal, shortening, filing, leveling, cuticle removal, etc. A variety of applications can be achieved with the bits provided. 

The cutter is operated without a foot pedal and the device comes with a lightweight, ergonomic twist-lock handpiece, which can shine with a forward and reverse function, optimal weight for long use / maximum precision.

There is no noise, minimal vibration and the handpiece is suitable for all bits. In addition, the handpiece will get 60% less warm due to the integrated overheating protection system


Reviews on the net: 


In general, the JD400 has always landed relatively high on various online rankings in recent years. 


"Based on the recommendation of a qualified nail care professional and after doing additional research on the Internet, I decided to buy the ** JSDA Nail Cutter Studio JD400 ** and I am thrilled." 5/5 star rating


"I work in the medical cosmetic field and have been using the milling cutter for a while now. I am really impressed. It is well made, has really mega power and what is nice is that you don’t feel any vibrations in your wrist like you do with others. So it’s a joint gentle. Simply great " 5/5 star rating


"The JCMASTER nail milling cutter professional manicure pedicure ... however is sufficiently settled in terms of price / performance. With a professional
Pedant (motor) not comparable. Still powerful and easy to control. Lies well in the hand. The rubber part is wobbly, has been filled with plaster of paris inside. ° clear purchase recommendation ° " 4/5 star rating


Comparison sites such as (formerly have had this cutter successfully tested by a nail designer. 

“I was surprised how good the value for money the router is. It is in no way inferior to my medical nail milling machines in many respects. ”- Expert test, March 2018, 



However, there was one point that was particularly noticeable to long-term users of milling machines: The free bits that are included in the set. 

It was criticized that although the cutter attachments are good in terms of performance, they are not necessarily suitable for long-term use or for frequent use.

The bits that are included as standard are also much more there to get a feel for the JD400.

High-quality milling attachments or bits that last a long time and are suitable for long-term use  can be found here (CLICK HERE). 

The well-known German Youtuber Chris in the field of nail design tests the JD400 nail cutter in great detail in this video: 

Anna (aka NagelstudioHandwerk) tests the JD400. She is followed by more than 30.000 people on YouTube.


Place 1: JSDA Power JD 5500 with foot pedal


Nail cutter test winner guide test 2020

➤Link to the nail cutter (free shipping):  

Description of the device:

The JSDA JD5500 Studio nail cutter has a modern design, is safe, gentle to use, very space-saving & suitable for mobile use due to the adapted weight.

The device is easy and effective to use thanks to the integrated foot pedal and the handpiece. 
The cutter is suitable for all types of nail design (e.g. gel nails, French nails, rhinestones) and also for processing calluses.
This device is also used in medical hand and foot care.
It can for example clavus (callus) with matching Ceramic bits to be edited 
The speed of the nail cutter (0-35000 rpm) can be set precisely and continuously. Regardless of the selected speed, the nail cutter runs continuously quietly and almost noiselessly. 

The handpiece is equipped with a forward and reverse function, extra light, minimal noise and minimal vibration.
Ideal for precise work over a long period of time. In addition, the handpiece cannot or hardly get hot due to the integrated overheating protection system.
Whether grinding, polishing, foot care, streak preparation for rhinestones or many other functions; With this nail machine, your feet and hands will be in top shape.
The set includes 4x amateur bits for the handpiece of the milling cutter.

Reviews on the net: 

" Great device and just right. Unbeatably good for this price, but I can only advise bits, such as the ceramic things from this site to buy if you want to use the device seriously, because the incl bits are no longer sooo good after several uses, although useful." 5/5 star rating 
" I chose this device because the ratings were generally quite good. The first device that was delivered to me had a loose contact directly on the power cable - device connection.
It can happen (I thought) and sent it back. The new device now works perfectly and I would buy it again at any time.
It runs smoothly, the bits are stuck and the device otherwise makes a really solid impression. Thanks to the pedal, the speed can also be controlled with your foot." 5/5 star rating 

"Based on the recommendation of a qualified nail care professional and after doing additional research on the Internet, I decided to buy the ** JSDA nail cutter Studio JD5500 ** and I am thrilled.

The model runs very quietly, is of high quality and well made, with a metal handpiece, has sufficient power, which are continuously adjustable, right and left rotation. I don't need suction. I find it particularly positive that the handpiece lies comfortably in the hand, does not vibrate and that there is enough power with the revolutions! It was shipped promptly and the set arrived carefully packaged. Instead of the four bits included in the scope of delivery, I use the ceramic bit set from this provider (** 3x ceramic bits incl.1x brush bit from JCMASTER **, 3x premium ceramic bits incl.1x brush bit manicure / pedicure / callus Nail cutter available), this is of much higher quality than the ones included in the price of the set.

All standard bits fit into this device. I am very satisfied and am pleased that I finally no longer have to go to the expensive pedicure with this nail burr (had to do this every 4 weeks because of very strong calluses and sore corns), but this is finally over ... I also use the device to remove Nail modeling, works great.
Solid 5 stars!"5/ 5 star rating 


Conclusion on the milling cutters: 

Most of the time, the free bit set was mentioned as a point of criticism. This gift set is well suited for the beginning, for example to try out the cutter and try it out on a fake finger. For long-term, professional applications, we always refer to more professional bit sets for nail burs. 

These sets, made of carbide or ceramic, are ideal for professionals and long-term use. 

In general, we have always included all evaluations in our product development over the years in order to ensure continuous improvements to our electric nail burs.  

Bits and attachments are essential for all milling machines

We would like to add one more important tip, which most nail burrs, comparisons, tests and guidebooks mostly ignore.
However, this is just as important as the actual milling cutter. These are the bits or attachments.

Why is that so important:

... Because the bits or attachments are what really give the nail milling cutter a benefit. Without bits, the milling cutter is practically useless. 
This is similar to DVD players: Without a DVD, the device is of little value or has no apparent use (except perhaps as a decoration). 

There are a variety of different bits and attachments for nail burs.
Beginners in particular often do not know which bits to buy for the new milling cutter.

Nevertheless, good nail milling bits are extremely important for a number of reasons: 
  1. You save money in the long term. Cheap bits don't withstand many uses. Premium bits, on the other hand, are very durable. 
  2.  You'll have more fun working with good bits. 
  3.  The results get better. 
  4.  You can do more with high quality nail bit attachments. 
  5. This video from the YouTube channel "Sylvias Nageldesign" illustrates very well how to use bits for nail burrs: 
Would you like to learn more about attachments for nail burs? ...
To effectively remove calluses, experts often recommend using abrasive sleeves like these: 
Test winner nail cutter JSDA JCMaster cheap guide 2018 cutter

Electric Manicure & Pedicure Cutters: Common Questions & Answers

Does a nail cutter help with nail fungus?

Under certain circumstances, we recommend a nail burr for nail fungus. Tinctures are generally absorbed faster if an electric nail file is used, but the cutter must be absolutely clean, ie the bits must have been disinfected beforehand with a drilling bath, for example.

In any case, we recommend professional treatment and assessment by a doctor.

Are there nail cutter test winners from Stiftung Warentest?

Stiftung Warentest has unfortunately not published any test results yet. There was no response to JCMaster Beauty’s request. 

Nevertheless, our JD400 is always listed in the top 3 on various websites. 

Which nail cutter is the best?

As stated, our customers' favorite milling cutter is the JD5500 from JSDA.

However, price is not always an option for some customers, which we fully understand. However, higher-priced models tend to have higher performance. 

Based on the last 5 years, we have therefore developed the EasyPro + from JCMaster Beauty, which is suitable for beginners and professionals and is in the middle range at 60-70 euros and provides very good performance.

Which cutter is best for gel nails?

For gel nails and acrylic nails, we recommend a device with at least 20000 revolutions per minute. JSDA and JCMaster nail milling cutters usually offer 30000 revolutions per minute, whereby the speed can be individually adjusted.

What attachments should I have for nail burs?

We recommend carbide, ceramic and diamond bits to all nail designers. Attention: Tungsten carbide and ceramic bits should not be used on the natural nail. The natural nail should always be treated with a low rotation. 

What safety instructions do I have to observe when using nail burs?

You should be extremely careful with cutters for the first few attempts. The performance is often underestimated and can often remove gel or other varnish too quickly.

Inexperienced people can slip off quickly or exert excessive pressure on the nail or skin. So there is a risk of injury. 

How do I disinfect the bits?

Disinfecting or killing germs and removing dirt that has collected on the bits is particularly important. A drilling bath is particularly suitable for this, as it not only kills the germs, but also loosens the dirt on the bits.

The only exception to such a cleaning process are abrasive sleeves. These are usually offered in larger quantities, but only used once or twice with good hygiene standards, depending on the number of customers. A Set like this one includes 100x sleeves.

Where can I get inspiration and results that have been achieved with the nail burs?

Videos about nail burrs from various customers and results can be found on our Instagram, for example:

Important terms to know: 

What are acrylic nails? 

For acrylic nails are made up of acrylic powder and liquid.

These substances must be mixed and then quickly applied before curing, which occurs in contact with oxygen.

Difference to gel nails: more resistant, hardens without a UV lamp.

This can be used to remove acrylic nails: acetone

What are gel nails? 

Gel nails are much easier to use than acrylic nails.

It is not necessary to mix powder and liquid, as you can simply buy ready-made gels.

However, gel nails are less resistant to environmental influences and they are less easy to remove.

A curing device with UV is required. 

What is the difference between a pedicure and a manicure?

The pedicure describes how to care for toenails. This can be done with a nail burr or conventional pedicure set.
The manicure deals with the care of the fingernails, which can also be done with a nail grinder. Alternatively, a manicure set can be used. 
What is the cuticle for? 

It protects the nail root from bacteria and germs and it lies on the toenails and fingernails. 


Our extra tip: watch out for fake nail burs!

Over the past few months, we have repeatedly received warranty inquiries from orders that were neither placed on the website nor purchased from our official amazon profile. 

Replicas and fake cutters damage our reputation immensely, as the quality differs greatly from that of our nailing machines. 
We are already taking action against this case in cooperation with amazon, since replicas were also sold on amazon.

We therefore point out: You can find original devices directly on the manufacturer's website or on the Seller profile from Mustbuy GmbH on amazon

Further sources:


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