Nail cutter DM Rossmann alternative for beautiful nails [2021-2022]

You couldn't find a nail cutter in the drugstore? Here is the solution.

Often customers are tempted to buy by the very low price of a milling cutter. Unfortunately, the quality and performance are often not enough for what you want to do.  

For this reason, many people then want to fall back on the offers of well-known providers such as DM or Rossmann.

Well-known providers such as DM do not currently offer "nail burs" by definition, but only electric nail files.

But here is the solution:


You should start out with this, for example Nail cutter test & comparison inform, so that later you don't buy a device with too low a power or a milling cutter from a supplier that is located in a distant foreign country.

Many customers ask us whether JSDA or JCMaster Beauty nail cutters and bits will soon be available in drugstores such as DM or Rossmann.  In addition, people often ask whether we sell milling cutters at Media Markt, Saturn, amazon, real or müller.

Our accessories in particular are often in demand - i.e. bits, attachments and sanding sleeves.

These things will need to be bought again on a regular basis as they will wear out. 

We are currently not in discussions with any of the providers.

Unfortunately, we have also received messages from customers who seem to have purchased fake JCMaster and JSDA devices.

Our original milling cutters are currently available here:

Our own website:

On our website you can purchase all items on account, in installments via Klarna and many other payment methods of your choice. In addition, we only offer live chat customer service here. 

buy nail burs

Amazon: To the amazon store

On real: To the real shop

Often people then switch to dubious sources from abroad, since milling machines and corresponding accessories are not always available in local drug stores. 

In general, especially new customers are often not properly informed and quickly get frustrated with the new milling cutter from the dubious sides mentioned. 

Buy used nail cutter

You can also conveniently buy used nail burs in our official eBay store! All devices have been checked and thoroughly cleaned. 

This way to our eBay store:

buy nail cutter set dm rossmann mediamarkt müller sina jsda melody

Buy nail burrs in Switzerland and Austria

You can also have all of our articles conveniently delivered to Switzerland and Austria. (ATTENTION: A delivery to Switzerland is currently not possible; as of March 24.3.20th, XNUMX)


What 90% of people don't look for before buying a nail burr when you should.

  1. Is the device an original? Unfortunately, milling cutters from JSDA, for example, are increasingly being sold by unauthorized dealers. You save 10-20 € compared to the original, but the cutters break after a short time and there is no guarantee. 
  2. What payment methods are there? Merchants who are interested in their buyers also offer payment methods such as purchase on account and purchase in installments. This is a sign of conviction in your own product 
  3. Does the milling cutter offer all the necessary functions? Good milling cutters can be set at any speed and good DM nail milling cutters are suitable for left and right-handers. 
  4. Is there customer service? Questions are important! Fast and competent customer service for DM nail milling cutters is absolutely important. Many machines work differently and the explanation in the instructions is not always informative enough. 

These burs are celebrated by the nail design professionals:

The cutters are available here and you can have it in your hands within 3 days


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