Use nail burrs for dogs

Not all dogs have enough asphalt to shorten their claws. Claws often have to be trimmed at regular intervals, but dog owners often have concerns that trimming their claws might not be painless for the dog.

Alternatives are often time-consuming visits to the vet, which often add up to high costs per year. 

The claws of cats, rabbits and hamsters also have to be shortened. From our own experience in our team, the whole thing often became even more special if it was a puppy or a larger dog such as a Labrador. 

Our solution: Nagelfräser

Now read on below and find out more! 😺

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Nail cutter to cut claws?

Nail burs, also known as electric nail files, are usually used in humans. Natural nails, artificial nails and the cornea can be treated here.

Electric nail files are equipped with different attachments, which, for example, tend to roughly maintain the nail or give the nails that certain finishing touch. So you can go from the rough to the very last detail - and this is exactly where the advantage lies in cutting claws effectively; completely painless for four-legged friends. 

Conventional claw clippers often quickly deteriorate in performance. The problem that arises here is that over time it can no longer be completely painless for the animal!

High quality nail burs as from JSDA are designed for continuous operation and a sensible investment for people who are guaranteed not to cause pain to their four-legged friend.

Another advantage: You can use the device for yourself!

Isn't that completely unhygienic? 😷

Not at all! As already mentioned, the milling cutter is equipped with various bits, attachments or grinding sleeves. So you can divide all accessories between master and four-legged friend exactly. 

The device itself can be wiped with a disinfectant cloth.

As the saying goes: two birds with one stone! 

Many of our customers, who initially only wanted to use nail burs for their own needs, quickly discovered this advantage for themselves. It is often reported that abrasive sleeves in particular in combination with the nail burr are an excellent solution to the annoying claw-cutting problem. 

grinding sleeves claw cut nail burs



Advantages of the electric file

With abrasive sleeves, which . are available in different variations, i.e. hardnesses, claws can be carefully and cleanly trimmed - without breaking the claw.

The handpiece of a milling cutter lies comfortably in the hand and is equipped with a twist lock for good nail files. This function allows attachments to be mounted bomb-proof in the handpiece, at the same time they can be removed with ease at any time.

Snapping is often a very unpleasant noise for any dog. Nail cutters, on the other hand, only "hum" and are low-vibration. In our experience, dogs are much more relaxed with a nail burr. A subsequent treat turns the whole procedure into a very pleasant experience for every four-legged friend.

The disadvantages of an electric nail file for dogs

A little practice is required. 1-2 sessions should be enough to use the cutter effectively.

The speed of rotation can also be set using the controller so that heat development can be avoided. The primary disadvantage becomes clear with very thick claws: In order to keep the procedure absolutely painless, smaller breaks should be taken.


Cutters to remove claws can be found here:

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