What's the best nail table? - Comparison & advice [2021-2022]

The search for the right nail table should always begin with the right advice, as a bad purchase often entails costly returns. 

There are now nail tables with suction, mobile manicure tables and many other alternatives.

Author: Lydia Faust, nail designer

This comparison * and guide from our nail design experts will give you helpful tips and information which you should definitely pay attention to before you order this special piece of furniture. 


 Nail table comparison - the top 5

Name  Link
# 1 Beltom manicure table with suction nail table Portable manicure table, 12 KG - 98 x 44 x 77 cm - white Watch it now on amazon.de
# 2 Beltom manicure table 98x77x44 cm with drawer nail table, mobile 9,5 KG - pink Watch it now on amazon.de
# 3 EUGAD 0077ZZ Desks Computer table PC table Office table Work table with shelves wood white 116x75x80cm Watch it now on amazon.de
# 4 Barberpub studio table manicure table nail table 0600-1 white Watch it now on amazon.de
# 5 Studio table, manicure table, nail table DR-02 including suction Watch it now on amazon.de


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1. The Beltom manicure table with suction 98 x 44 x 77 cm

This Beltom model is the slightly larger model in white. 


The suction and portability are emphasized as advantages of this inexpensive mobile manicure table.

This is particularly beneficial for the more petite women among us.

Furthermore, the wheels can be swiveled through 360 ° and there is a comfortable cushion in the middle of the table.

As an extra, 3x dust bags and a practical carrying bag are included.

  • Dimensions: 98 x 44 x 77 cm. 
  • Suction power: 4500 rpm
  • Power consumption: 17w.
  • Weight: 12 kg.



The volume of the suction may seem louder than expected to some people. Furthermore, the table could be too small for some users, so be sure to pay attention to the dimensions given above!

You can see the nail table here on amazon.de

2. Beltom manicure table 98x77x44 cm

This is the pink / white / black model from Beltom with the dimensions 98x77x44 cm.



The model is described as a foldable and portable manicure table with a drawer and a useful carrying bag. 

However, in contrast to the beltom table mentioned above, there is no suction, which can be of enormous benefit.

In the middle of the table there is a comfortable cushion that can be used as a shelf.

As with the larger model, the wheels can be swiveled through 360 °.

With a weight of 9,5 kg, the table is lighter than the model with suction.



When the table arrives, it is important to watch out for factory defects and quirks. 

You can then report this to customer service.

Unfortunately, the very helpful suction is not included.


You can see the nail table here on amazon.de

3. EUGAD 0077ZZ desks with shelves, white 116x75x80cm 

This table is not a specific nail table. 

Rather, it is an all-purpose table, which is also excellent as a 




The model offers a lot of storage space and space for things like nail burs, bits and light curing devices. 


This table is not a real nail table or it is not traded as such. 

There are no built-in extras such as suction.


Nail tables / manicure table guides

This part of the comparison or guidebook will process general information that should be observed. 

Definition: what is a nail table?

A nail table or manicure table or studio table is a piece of furniture that is used in the field of nail design. 

In the meantime, there are tables specially adapted for the area of ​​nail modeling, which contain integrations such as nail dust extractors.

However, all-purpose tables are also conceivable for use in the field of nail modeling. 

In general, a nail table should have enough space and, if possible, a sorting facility for nail design utensils. 

For this reason, desks can often also be considered.

 How does the suction on a manicure table work? 

The suction and the associated dust bag are located below the table.

The suction prevents the accumulation of nail dust, which can be really annoying. 

The table can stay so much cleaner and working on the nail with a nail burr is a lot easier that way.

The dust is collected in a dust bag. 

This can be replaced or cleaned as long as it is reusable.

What should you look for in a nail table?

Make sure the manicure table has a dust extractor if you like to use it.

You should also choose a table at which you can work comfortably.

For this reason, the table should also be the right size. A height-adjustable desk is also conceivable for this.

You should also provide the right lighting. 

This is often not integrated.

Quality of the nail design table


The quality of the nail table that is chosen is very important.

It can be frustrating when nail polish falls off and damages the table.

It is advisable to choose a table with an acetone-proof surface. In this way, the table is well protected from chemicals and is also easy to clean.

Alternatively, you can choose a melamine table to avoid scratches.

Melamine is the most affordable material for those on a budget.

Additional properties such as dust resistance are also beneficial.

Design of the manicure table

Choose a color that suits your preferences.

Black tables are most popular because they hide stains and unwanted smudges.

White tables are also great for hiding dust.

Remember that your customers will notice your facility the first time they enter.

Choose a manicure table that matches the color scheme and visual theme of your salon.

For example, if the interior is mostly made of wood, it makes sense to choose a wooden table as it goes well with the interior. A table made of glass and steel goes well with a futuristic interior.

Budget for purchase 

You don't have to spend a lot to get a good manicure table. There are a multitude of options when choosing nail salon furniture.

There are cheap tables that cost around 50 euros.

But there are also expensive tables that cost around 500 euros. Before you decide on a particular type of nail table, set a budget. Take a look at the latest reviews to get an idea of ​​where to buy the best tables.

For those on a tight budget, you can opt to shop at spas that are about to close. However, they must be in good condition.


As important as the appearance is, the usefulness of the nail table is just as important. It needs to be the right height to match the height of your chairs.

The depth and width of the table should be such that the customers feel comfortable.

Choose a table that has enough drawers to hold all of the utensils you use.

The design you choose must be efficient in order for you to get the most out of the table. It is advisable that you put functionality above style.

There are mobile manicure tables that come with wheels so you can move the table anywhere you want to put it.

Make sure that they are equipped with lockable wheels to prevent them from slipping.


* The comparison is based on our personal opinion. We have tested all products from known friends and / or purchased the articles and put them through their paces.



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