Dust extraction nail salon test & guide [2021 - 2022]

Dust extraction for nails is an essential tool for all nail fans. 

There are now various extractors for nail salons and private, which convince with very different performance - or do not. 

So that you don't make a bad buy online, we have created this comparison and guide. 

Comparison of the top 3 vacuum cleaners for nails

 Name  Link

# 1 DoLike nail vacuum cleaner Rechargeable, without dust bags

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# 2 MelodySusie professional nail vacuum cleaner with filter, 2 modes 

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# 3 SEAAN Nail Dust Collector, Professional Dust Collector Machine Vacuum Cleaner Nail Art 

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Creation and design of the dust extractor

When deciding which extractor to order, we recommend taking the overall design of your facility into account.

This is especially the case if you own a nail salon.

Neutral colors such as white or black usually go well with all interior designs.

A harmonious studio interior in combination with suitable equipment ensures the right first impression with the customer. 

Other questions that should be considered in this context: 

There are different types of suction devices for nails.

These range from simple to expensive models.

Which one best fits your current budget?

How many of these nail dust extractors do you want to have installed in your studio?

What about the maintenance of the suction?

Does the provider offer a maintenance service?

Is the device easy to clean or do you need special equipment to keep it clean?


Ventilation of the device

The dust extractor may need to run for as long as you are doing a manicure or pedicure.

Without adequate or very little ventilation to the device, it will not take long for the device to overheat.

Once you've decided on a model, make sure you've checked all of the product features and that all online descriptions are printed on the box or packaging of the device.


Power consumption of the nail dust extractor

What is the voltage with which the device is operated?

How much electricity does it use?

How efficient is the device when it is switched on?

Does the nail aspirator have a voltage protection device?

What is the maximum number of revolutions per minute?

Knowing how a device uses and generates electricity to function well allows you to compare its effectiveness in performing its function with other devices on the market.


Are the dust bags interchangeable or reusable? 

The dust particles that arise when filing and trimming the nails are stored in the dust bags.

What material are the dust bags made of? S.

Are they reusable or washable?

How many are included with each purchase?

A nail table with integrated suction

If you want to spend a little more then you can alternatively use a manicure table with integrated suction. 

These tables are specially designed for the daily work of a nail designer. 

Often, in addition to the practical suction, nail tables with suction also offer enough space for all of your nail design accessories, such as the right lighting, your nail cutter and bits.

However, you can also use a standard desk and purchase the appropriate equipment - as well as the extraction system - separately. 



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