Practice hand for nails - comparison & guide [2021 - 2022]

Looking for a practice hand for your next nail workout? 

This comparison and guide shows you our top 3 practice hands and also gives you helpful tips which you should consider when buying your model hand. 

Our 3 favorites: practice hands for nail design

 Name Link

#1 SLKIJDHFB Practice hand for acrylic nails & gel nails with 300x artificial nails

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# 2 Dream Reach Upgrade Model for nail training with 100x artificial nails

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# 3 Deciniee silicone practice hand for nail design incl. 200x interchangeable nail pieces

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1. SLKIJDHFB Practice hand for acrylic nails & gel nails with 300x artificial nails 

The practice hand should be made of high quality ABS material and the handle can be bent freely.
This is great for trying out new angles.

The fastening bolt can be permanently mounted on a table.

This ensures sufficient security and stability. 

Particularly noteworthy is the flexibility of the joints.

In this way, this practice hand comes very close to a real hand. 

The scope of delivery includes 300 replacement nails, which makes the practice hand ideal for nail training and with this large set it is also reusable.

2. Dream Reach Upgrade Model for nail training with 100x artificial nails

This model is described as an update from the previous model. Errors should have been eliminated. 

The stability of the model is said to have been improved during use. 

The model hand is made of flexible ABS.

The 360 ​​° bendable metal tube is practical for angle adjustment during nail training.

The adjustable mounting frame on the lower part is suitable for all table types and can be easily attached without slipping.

100x interchangeable nails are also included. 


3. Deciniee silicone practice hand for nail design incl. 200x interchangeable nail pieces

 The silicone training hand is made of silicone material, which is supposed to produce a more realistic replica.

The set is particularly large. Contains: 1 silicone hand, 200 natural nails, 180x nail tone + 1 box of rhinestone decoration + 1 pack of colored pencil + 2 files.

Each joint can be bent on this model.


Advice: General knowledge of all aspects of practice hands

 This section briefly covers the essential basics of using training hands.

Which is the best practice hand for me?

For social media: For beautiful photos and videos that you want to publish on social networks, you need a more realistic hand made of silicone, so that the right wow effect is created.

In the nail design training: Nail designers who work with living clients but like to invest in their nail training should get a hand with a stand, as it offers a more realistic angle than a hand with only one finger or a limp hand.

Beginner:  We strongly advise beginners to work with a practice hand in the context of a nail burr before experimenting with real nails.

Make sure to carefully study the instructions you receive when working on human hands. 

Where can I get replacement nails for my model hands?

As a rule, all providers offer separately available nails in their assortment, in case these should go empty. 

We only recommend ordering replacement nails from the same provider of the training hand.

How do you apply a nail tip to a practice hand?

Everyone has their own way of applying nail tips to their practice hand, and each hand is a little different.

Some have nails that are built to be easily pulled on and off, which makes the process a lot easier.

Others have flat beds of nails that need a secure glue to attach the tips to.

Others have a slot in the cuticle that you can slide the tips into for a more realistic look.

Glue is also required here so that the tips do not slip.

How do I get acrylic nails off the fake practice hand?

In theory, all of these hands should be reusable.

How easy it is to remove acrylic or hard gel nails depends on the type of hand and the type of application.

The less secure methods allow you to just peel the nail off, but if the nail is stuck it will take a little more work - and the type of work will depend on what material the hand is made of.

How do you remove nail tips from a plastic training hand?

You can't remove the tips of your plastic hands with acetone because it would melt your practice finger too, so you'll need to file the nail down with a nail drill.

Orange buffers are a good way to file down the nail because they help you easily distinguish what is acrylic and what is plastic.

Using nail scissors or brute force, it helps to cut off as much of the acrylic nail tip as you can to save time and dust.

How can silicone hands be removed from mannequins?

The higher quality silicone hands are great because acetone doesn't attack them, so you can peel off your tips like a real hand.

Follow the same steps as you would with a normal hand, e.g. B. mill or file the surface and remove the excess tip.

Then just dip your hand in acetone and leave it there.

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