The best event location in Hamburg - experience report

While looking for a suitable event location last year, we came across the kofookoo by chance. This location convinced us, among other things, because of the large number of very positive reviews online (more than 2000+).

We had a wonderful time at kofookoo and this review sums up the most important things about the place. In our opinion, the kofookoo is the best event location in Hamburg - and we have already tested a number of them. 

A short research showed that there is now another shop not far from the first restaurant in the Rindermarkthalle (Schanze). 

We were in the Schanze location. For information, we have included the links for both locations:

kofookoo sushi | Grill | bar

The new location is very close to Alster & Mönkebergstrasse and is called kofookoo Yam'cha

The location from the outside 

The location is in the Rindermarkthalle - directly in the Schanze. 

With its own connection to the Rindermarkthalle, the location was not so easy to find at first. 

At first we thought that the kofookoo could be reached through the main entrance. 

But that is not the case. You have to go further to the right as seen from the main entrance of the Rindermarkthalle to reach the kofookoo.

outside kofookoo yamcha cattle market hall schanze sushi hamburg

The concept

The location in the ski jump has become known through the modern All-You-Can-Eat concept, which has been renamed All-You-Can-ENJOY here. 

It is ordered via tablet every 15 minutes. You can then choose from over 2,5 dishes for a total of 100 hours. Allergenic and vegetarian dishes are marked. 

The inside of the kofookoo

Inside, the location offers enough space for several hundred people. 

The shop is usually jam-packed.

There are two floors, the toilet is upstairs.

sushi hamburg location all you can eat event location

event location company party hamburg restaurant sushi hamburg

The food

 The food offers something for everyone from a selection of over 100+ dishes. That was particularly important to our team. 

We found it particularly cool that everything is served in tapas form instead of one plate for each individual. 

Everyone can try something here! 

sushi hamburg eat asian delicious all you can eat

In addition to delicious sushi, grilled meat and a variety of sides, there are also delicious drinks and in-house cocktails. 

sushi hamburg kofookoo food restaurant bar cocktail


Special features of the restaurants

You can get a lot of impressions of both places on facebook and instagram (@kofookoo & @kofookooyamcha) 

The new kofookoo yam'cha even offers the first robot with artificial intelligence in Germany. Our team definitely wanted to take a closer look at this at the next company party.



In addition, you can order all sushi dishes in the kofookoo yamcha using your own app. 



We are absolutely convinced of the kofookoo. In our opinion the best sushi in Hamburg and definitely worth a visit! 

Next we will test the location in the city center (kofookoo yam'cha).