JSDA Premium Nail Bit JD500 "Superset" - JCMaster Beauty
JSDA Premium Nail Bit JD500 "Superset" - JCMaster Beauty
JSDA Premium Nail Bit JD500 "Superset" - JCMaster Beauty
JSDA Premium Nail Bit JD500 "Superset" - JCMaster Beauty
JSDA Premium Nail Bit JD500 "Superset" - JCMaster Beauty
JSDA Premium Nail Bit JD500 "Superset" - JCMaster Beauty


JD500 white "Superset"

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︎ The most important thing about this product

  • Professional high performance manicure / pedicure / callus remover nail burr: Modern, safe, suitable for mobile use, easy to use and effective. Ideally suited for all types of nail design (e.g. gel nails) / CERTIFIED
  • OPTIMAL ROTATION SPEED: The speed (0-30000 RPM) can be set precisely and continuously. Regardless of the selected speed, the nail cutter runs smoothly over the long term
  • CONTROL UNIT INCL. FOOT PEDAL: You can choose between the hand switch or the foot switch
  • ERGONOMIC TWIST-LOCK HANDPIECE: With forward and reverse function, minimal noise & minimal vibration. In addition, the handpiece cannot get hot due to the integrated overheating protection system
  • COMPLETE SET INCL. FREE BITS: Including 4 amateur bits for the handpiece, which fulfill various functions in manicure and pedicure and are easy to change.

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▶ ︎ Description

 EAN: 4260397840481

This professional nail cutter is ideal for all areas of nail design and we will give you excellent results. 

Both in the private and in the commercial / professional sector, the nail cutter provides the best service and has been. The device works extremely low-noise and low-vibration, which prevents uncomfortable pain from prolonged use.

In addition, you can adapt the speed (0-30000 rpm) very precisely and continuously to your work process. Be it calluses, files or shapes - this nail cutter will give your nails a new shine!

Controller Product Name: JD500W; Voltage: 220V-240V; Frequency: 50 -60Hz Power: 35W; Weight: about 960g; Size: about 124 x 150 x 75mm; Color white ; Certification: CE / PSE / RoHS

Specifications of the handpiece
Speed: 0-30000RPM.MAX; Torque: 2.0Ncm; Handpiece weight: about 160g; Handpiece dimensions: 13,5 cm long; Bit size: 2,2mm to 2,35mm (diameter); Direction of travel: forward and reverse; Certification: CE / PSE / RoHS

▶ ︎ Scope of delivery


1 x JCMASTER electric nail cutter set incl. 4 bits; 1 x foot pedal; 1 x handpiece; 1 x adapter; 1x holder for the handpiece, 1x instruction manual, 1x premium "Crystal" bit 


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We recommend ours as a supplement, for example Sanding sleeves. Our nail designers explain in this article various Milling bits.




Customer questions and answers

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  • Do you have to use the size with a pedal? Or does it work without it. I'm definitely looking for a new tiller without a pedal

    The device can also be operated without a pedal! :-)

  • Hello, what is the difference between the JD 400 and JD 500 (other than the foot section)? Which is the newer model? Sincerely, Emi Eren

    The Jd400 is a newer model :)